Our world is messed up,
but God is fixing things,
and we get to help.

EmpowerGood.com is here to help you make the difference you were designed to make. I am praying that God will raise up a generation of men and women who carry the healing and life-giving presence of Jesus into their world. You are, I hope, an answer to that prayer.

How can we make your dream possible? Share your story with us. Start with our survey—the questions are open-ended and optional, so you can tell your story your way. Our desire is to custom-design the features and resources on this site just for you.

As for me, here’s what I’m doing to make a difference: I’m working to help people see themselves and see their world through a different set of eyes. I’m working to help Christians discover how to experience God in a more meaningful way. And I’m working to help my nation (the USA) to move away from a win-lose mindset to win-win. You can find out more at DwightClough.com and WeWillEndPoverty.com.


Dwight Clough

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